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School Teams

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The Return to School Toolkit provides both in-person and remote learning tools and resources, including guidance to help you safely bring students back to the classroom for in-person instruction. While mostly focused on disease prevention, it also includes several practical tools to foster resilience in students, families, and staff.

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This resource outlines how to take the practice of teaching classroom behavior expectations and applying it to remote learning instruction.

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Educator's Guide to Supporting the Social and Emotional Needs of Students

This resource provides direction on trauma impact, identifying student populations at risk, Covid-19 safety and reactions to crisis, basic needs assistance information, the importance of routines for students and information on how children handle crises with guidelines to support.

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Getting Back to School after Disruptions

This resource provides school teams with strategies to leverage a PBIS/MTSS 

framework to ensure a safe, predictable,and positive return to school.

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One of the key principles of PBIS is to focus on building prosocial skills, not simply attempting to eliminate challenging or problem behavior. We encourage all schools to continue that focus, as well as other key principles of PBIS, as you address the COVID-19 pandemic. This resource provides recommendations educators can embed across a continuum of supports

Student-Specific Resources

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Self-Care During Covid-19

This resource, created by the University of Michigan TRAILS team, suggests different  ​ways teens can take care of themselves through the pandemic and beyond. 


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This child-friendly resource, available in 25 languages, helps students understand safety practices while reassuring them of their safety.  


Lonliness is Hard

This resource from Mental Health Association (MHA) helps kids and teens understand the effects of loneliness and ways they can cope. 

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