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Youth Suicide Prevention Summit I

December 9, 2020
Summit Core Team
Maribeth Leonard – Lifeways Community Mental Health

Carl Rice – Lifeways Community Mental Health

Scott Hutchins – Michigan Department of Education (MDE)

Dana Billings – Michigan Department of Education (MDE)

Michael Leathead – Michigan Department of Education (MDE)

Judy Williams – Michigan School Counselors Association (MSCA)

Amy Chapman – Michigan Association of School Social Workers (MASSW)

Sara Lewandowski – Michigan Association of School Psychologist (MASP)

Nick Jaskiw – Michigan Association of School Psychologist (MASP)
Presentation Speakers and Topics
Video Links
1. Introduction
Summt 1 - 1
2. Integrating Science and Practice: Strengthening our Suicide Prevention Ecosystem
Summit 1 - 2
3. Gatekeeper Suicide Training
Summit 1 - 3
4. Universal Supports for Students That Exhibit Signs of Depression and Anxiety
Summit 1 - 4
5. Threat Analysis and Association Between Mental Illness and School Safety
Summit 1 - 5
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