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31n Resources

31n Consultants

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Chris Robinson, Lauren Kazee, and Scott Hutchins provide technical assistance and support to all 56 ISDs on integrating mental health into their school systems, with an emphasis on providers and resources funded by Section 31n of the State School Aid Act. 

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31n Roadmap


The 31n Section 6 Roadmap developed by the 31n Mental Health Practice and Implementation Subcommittee is intended to help each ISD continue its efforts to build a comprehensive and cohesive school mental health structure. For more information, contact Lauren Kazee at

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Program Planning 


University of Michigan's TRAILS Program

This program improves youth access to evidence-based mental health services by training school mental health professionals in effective practices, such as cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness. 

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MSU Extension - Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid is an evidence-based training that teaches participants how to recognize the signs and symptoms of a mental health crisis and help someone who may be experiencing one. The MSU Extension offers this training to both staff and external organizations.


School Health Assessment & Performance Evaluation System 

Developed by the National Center for School Mental Health, the SHAPE system provides a comprehensive toolkit that can help develop and evaluate your school-based mental health program.

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The Center for Health and Health Care in Schools

CHHCS provides a variety of resources, including strategies to support vulnerable populations, lessons learned from existing school-based programs, and funding opportunities for state and local education agencies.


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Michigan State University Extension- 4H Healthy Youth

Michigan 4-H Youth Development works with adult volunteers and staff members to offer mental health and emotional wellness programs for youth. 


Additional Assessment Resources

Per the Governor’s Return to School Roadmap, schools are encouraged to implement a mental health screening for all students by a trained professional. In addition to the BHS, we've included a list of other measures that may be useful.

Family Engagement

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  • To help educators authentically engage parents and caregivers, click here for a checklist of questions to consider. 

  • This poster template can be personalized to include information about your school and the contact information of who parents/caregivers can contact if they have social/emotional concerns about their child. To edit the poster, open the link and click the icon to make a copy. *Note: the images will appear out of alignment while you are making edits, but when the final version is downloaded to a PDF, the formatting will be aligned properly.

  • This resource, created by the Jackson County ISD Whole Child Team, includes tips and tools for partnering with parents and caregivers, plus strategies for shifting the mindsets of educators to view parents as partners.

Wraparound Supports


Trauma and Toxic Stress

This MDHHS web resource provides information from national and state experts that are working to build trauma-informed systems of care for children and their families in Michigan. The information is meant for human service professionals in all sectors as well as parents and caregivers.


Child and Adolescent Health Centers

These centers provide primary care, preventative care, comprehensive health assessment, vision and hearing screening, medication, immunization, treatment of acute illness, co-management of chronic illness, health education and mental health care.

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