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Youth Suicide Prevention Summit I, II & III

Three Virtual Summits on Youth Suicide Prevention: Recordings Now Available 

The School Based Mental Health Providers Coalition, which is made up of members from the Michigan Association of School Psychologists (MASP), Michigan Association of School Social Workers (MASSW), and Michigan School Counselor Association (MSCA), came together with multiple individuals and organizations across Michigan to help impact the lives of many school-age children in Michigan who may be contemplating suicide. With support from Representative Luke Meerman and Senator Curtis Hertel­, three virtual summits and workgroups were organized to develop a framework for a recommended comprehensive school suicide prevention and intervention program. This framework could then be used to drive future suicide prevention/intervention legislation. The Summits have now taken place and the video of each presentation is accessible below.

June 2021:            Summit III

March 2021:          Summit II

December 2020:  Summit I

The suicide prevention and intervention program recommendations will be made public in September, once they are submitted to the Michigan legislature.


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